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Targeted Online Classified Advertising

Today's internet world offers many venues to sell whatever it might be that you have. The downside to those websites are that you are left to be randomly found rather than placed in front of those who are looking for what you are selling. Imaging someone knocking on the doors of people who are looking to buy your product. Not only do they sell your product but they take them to your office and they are ready to buy. This is exactly what targeted classified advertising does for you. >>MORE

Integrated Dealer Solutions

FACT: If you don't have a website for your business you are missing out on the greatest tools to sell  your product since the phone book. Online retails sales for 2007 averaged around $243.1 Billion (that's billion with a B). $19.0 Billion of that was in the automotive industry alone. These numbers are staggering but is ever increasing as technology improves and purchasing trends change. Consumers are much more educated and take more time to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck. Search engines and specialty websites give the consumer access to vital information on making an educated purchase. These same sites are what can place you directly in front of these buyers. >>MORE

Search Engine Optimization

So your company finally put a website live on the internet, but how will it get found? Outside of a press release or traditional marketing efforts your website will not receive traffic unless you make it ready to be found. You wouldn't buy a car just to push it around. You need gas in order to use it to it's full potential. The same applies to your website. Your website is the vehicle that brings your company business either directly purchasing online or referring to contact you. Unfortunately sometimes the gas that makes your vehicle go (proper structuring of your website) is missing. This trend is all too common in today's internet world. Fortunately, Buy And Sell Network, Inc. will not only fill up your internet gas tank but also provide routine maintenance and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Search Engine Marketing

You've done your research and spent a lot of time (or hired us) on making sure your website makes an impact. You have a great mixture of design, functionality, a solid product and service geared up by search engine optimization. What do you do now? Well if you did your SEO right (which we can do for you) then your organic traffic will start flowing shortly. But now you want to be more aggressive with getting yourself seen. How do you accomplish placing yourself in front of people who are looking for what you provide? Search Engine Marketing will answer these questions for you. >>MORE

Social Network Marketing

The popularity of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has gone through the roof over the passed 3 years. The ability to connect with so many with such little effort and ease has made a new internet addiction. Social Network Marketing takes advantage of the addiction to these networks and turns it into an opportunity. What was once word of mouth advertising is now word of type. >>MORE