Integrated Dealer Solutions

For the dealer who's serious about success

FACT: Online retails sales for 2007 alone averaged around $243.1 Billion (that's billion with a B). $19.0 Billion of that was in the automotive industry alone. These numbers are staggering but is ever increasing as technology improves and purchasing trends change. Also, four out of every five small business owners cite their websites as major contributors to the overall health of their businesses ( If you've been putting off establishing an internet presence for your business then you are missing out on one of the most significant profit and growth opportunities available today. You need a website that is built to include the features that would truly benefit your business.

What is an Integrated Dealer Solution

An Integrated Dealer Solution is a comprehensive mixture of advertising material with services that help you run your business better through one provider. What this means is you can now have your inventory online on your own website that is hosted on a secure server and includes email. Others may offer a similar service, but there are vast differences in the technology used to do so. Your website is geared towards lead capturing and product promotion powered by the latest in coldfusion technology.

Integrated Dealer Solutions and Me

Buy And Sell Network, Inc. provides Integrated Dealer Solutions for the automotive, rv and boat dealership industry. Each website is created to match your current marketing theme and tailored to meet your needs. Regardless of your inventory size, our secure and dynamic database technology allows you to easily add inventory, photos, descriptions, pricing and other details efficiently through our user friendly business management control panel. The lead management feature captures vital lead information for follow up. Our reporting system breaks down your traffic and exposure. Use the information from the reporting and compare it with your leads generated online to calculate your ROI (return on investment).

Sample Websites

To learn more about innovative and cost-effective ways of promoting your business online with a secure and reliable hosting provider call today toll free at 1-866-334-8395 and speak to one of our agents or click on the contact us link. Our solutions are affordable for any business. Sell anywhere, anytime online!