Targeted Online Classified Advertising

Get it sold quick, fast and in a hurry

Today's internet world offers many venues to sell whatever it might be that you have. The downside to those websites are that you are left to be randomly found rather than placed in front of those who are looking for what you are selling. Imaging someone knocking on the doors of people who are looking to buy your product. Not only do they sell your product but they take them to your office and they are ready to buy. This is exactly what targeted classified advertising does for you.

What is Targeted Online Classified Advertising?

Targeted Online Classified Advertising is a means of selling and promoting products in a specific industry online. The advertisement is tailored to each product individually, which qualifies your website as a sole provider of your product, therefore increasing your positioning on search engines. These ads can be created on an individual basis like selling your timeshare or waterfront property or at company level, i.e. a car dealership, boat dealership or rv dealership. With the ability to provide information about the product in great detail (multiple photos, descriptions, pricing) you increase your chances of a sale as well as increasing the quality of the lead.

Classified Ads and Me

Buy And Sell Network, Inc. provides a Classified Advertising services in two formats. The first is for any individual wanting to sell their timeshare, automobile, RV, boat or waterfront property.  

The second type of service is the first level of a dealership solution we provide for owners of car, boat and rv dealerships. A complete inventory management and promotion suite that will not only manage your inventory online but will also have your listings promoted across one of the most popular search networks in the world. Click on one of the links to the right to go to the appropriate website to sign up online or on the contact form to have an agent contact you for more information.